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Välkommen till DOED's nya hem! Använd gärna forumet för diskussioner och libary för att lägga upp bra länkar! Övertala alla att regga sig :)
Guild News

Patch 1.2!!!! Vilka grejer som kommer nu!

Whertir, Mar 20, 12 2:04 AM.

Spännande titt in i framtiden!

Whertir, Jan 20, 12 1:16 AM.

Fråga om hjälp

Whertir, Jan 16, 12 4:13 AM.

Rekomenderad läsning

Whertir, Jan 16, 12 4:04 AM.

Nyheter om mars-uppdateringen!

"We then have a second update coming in March, and that’s going to be a much bigger update, another flashpoint – part two of Rise of the Rakghouls – and we’re going to have a whole new planet, with a brand new operation and warzone. We’re going to have the second part of the Legacy system, which is the real meat of it. We’re going to have guild banks, PVP ranking systems, and a lot of smaller additions and bug fixes. And we’re already working on the third update. The story’s already written out and being recorded for the fourth, fifth… and I can’t say how many updates we have, but we have a lot. Just to give you an idea of how far we’re planning ahead, we’ve already got voiceover being recorded for content you won’t see for a year or more. We’re really making sure we deliver new content. We also want to make sure that the Star Wars galaxy feels alive, so we’re working on an event system, which we’ll be giving more details about in the new future."

Nyheter i 1.1

Whertir, Jan 9, 12 5:27 AM.
Snart kommer patch 1.1. Här är en lista på nyheter.
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